Business Development & Market Strategy

Strategic planning is essential to support balanced and successful growth. While a straightforward and realistic approach is critical, creativity and vision must also be preserved. We work with senior management to analyze financial, market, management, and operational issues and to develop plans that reflect current and future objectives. This process enables managers in different departments to base decisions on coordinated goals and assumptions.

Active market analysis ensures that decisions made throughout your organization reflect current industry trends and customer requirements. Clearly, the required level of detail depends on an organization’s size and level of development. But at any stage, involving key participants to develop collective goals and targets makes it possible to design a successful plan. These are some questions to determine if your current planning process enables you to define and achieve your strategic objectives:

  • Does your organization take advantage of its competitive strengths given current industry trends?
  • Do you and your entire management team communicate consistent goals and priorities?
  • Are you positioning your key products correctly in the marketplace and are resources allocated to support achievement of your growth objectives?
  • Do management reports accurately reflect performance relative to your financial and operating plans?
  • How and when is progress reviewed? Is there any accountability for attaining specified individual or corporate performance targets?

We can work with you to:

  • Clarify and define strategic objectives.
  • Organize and facilitate planning sessions from preparation through follow-up.
  • Review internal data and external market research to assess your competitive position.
  • Develop business, product and action plans based on collective input and priorities.
  • Diffuse and resolve internal conflicts.
  • Initiate follow-up practices to monitor progress towards achievement of short and long term goals and adjust plans as necessary.