Utilizing Stratex Coaching services will quickly increases profits and productivity.


–A Coach for the Season

Real coaching produces results as each game is played.

What do you want to get done this season?

Do you want a coach on your side?

We will:

  Achieve goals starting now – immediate, short run, ultimately long run.
  Build skills and practices to amplify your unique personal strengths.
  Progress with “wins” each month rather than going for “ultimate success”
  Schedule hourly sessions to focus on immediate issues.
  Maintain momentum with emails and brief calls between sessions.


We can meet weekly, biweekly or monthly to drive home results within your terms and timeframe.

It’s my job throughout to:

  Assist you in establishing written objectives and timeframe.
  Discuss current challenges, identify solutions, and build relevant skills.
  Maintain your game plan: session notes, key points and action steps.
  Customize exercises to focus your strategic thinking.
  Review and respond to your questions and completed exercises.
  Track your achievements towards stated objectives.


To get started or hear more specifics about this approach, please call me at 212 879 9120 or email me.

Stefanie Smith is one of New York City’s leading executive coaches. Her track record of motivating high-potential professionals to achieve their career goals and increase their leadership effectiveness reflects decades of experience as a consultant to leaders at Fortune 100, private, and non-profit corporations.

She is quoted regularly in national media and writes on career advancement on her blog www.CoachStef.com and American Management Association publications. ????

In 2012, she has launched her new Advance Your Career series of ebooks based on her proprietary coaching program. The Power of Professional Presence: Get Their Attention and Keep It! is available on Amazon, and excerpted here in Moving Ahead.  

Executive coaching = collaboration on a roadmap to reach your definition of business success.

”I believe in the clients I take on. Their capability – proven or intrinsic is the basis of our success. I help them maximize the impact of their talents to fulfill their aspirations. My clients are determined to achieve results and seek a partner to listen to their concerns, explore possibilities, and respond to new events and challenges. We agree on and set in motion a concise, timelined plan of action. We set success criteria from Day One, so we know when we win!”

We both succeed when you:

  Fulfill your leadership potential to motivate and inspire best results
  Build skills for today and the future
  Increase your confidence
  Prepare for and achieve successful job transitions


Together we:

  Review your opportunities to move ahead through active questioning, reflection, and confidential feedback
  Explore and vet possibilities to attain a specific goal or promotion
  Evaluate and raise the bar for your current job performance
  Write a concise action with short-term steps
  Complete a “Focus Game” program to unveil your unique strengths and possibilities
  Exchange ideas during regular 90-minute sessions — 100% customized for you
  Maintain momentum by phone and email to quickly respond to new events


The last thing you need from a coach is more stress! Your interests, schedule and preferences drive our timeframe and working style.

Personal Coaching Program = tailored to achieve *your* goals, reflect *your* management style, build on * your* personal strengths, and succeed within *your* corporate culture.

How can we improve your day to day management efficiency and skills?

  Hone presentations for internal and public audiences
  Motivate AND INSPIRE individual and team performance
  Improve operations and service quality
  Agendize powerful and energizing meetings and conferences
  Plan and execute priority initiatives


Stefanie Smith’s focused and direct style derives directly from her consulting expertise in strategy and execution. As an executive consultant, she can provide personal guidance or resources from her close network of associates with outstanding expertise.

“As a private coach, I guide clients to reach the next level. As a consultant, I support strategy and execution of priority initiatives. In some cases, you may require active project management in addition to coaching. In all cases, we document progress as a concrete record of key insights and results.”

Our mutual goal = enhance your professional pride + performance.–