Succeed continually and reward milestones to build positive momentum and confidence.

  • Integrate operations, organizational, and systems initiatives to amplify bottom-line impact.
  • Collaborate across functions and staff levels to align all efforts with core business goals.
  • Communicate financial and business objectives to establish clear expectations for success.
  • Clarify responsibilities, priorities and performance metrics for all roles to target motivation.
  • Incorporate your culture and staff’s expertise to yield effective, innovative solutions.

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Areas of Specialty

Due Diligence and Integration Management

  • Define transaction strategy, goals, and timeline.
  •  Coordinate efforts of investment, legal, audit, and internal teams.
  • Develop customized procedures leveraging proprietary tools and experience.
  • Review operations and organization to analyze transaction risks, rewards and projected integration costs.
  • Manage integration from planning to ongoing operations to achieve sales and profitability targets.

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Case Studies

Operations and Profitability Improvement

  • Evaluate business processes and internal controls from an independent perspective.
  • Provide implementation assistance and interim management to achieve operating targets.
  • Work with managers and staff to redesign workflow to reach cost, revenue and service quality goals.
  • Maximize productivity and contribution of each department and employee.

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Case Studies

Technology Strategy and Development

  • Evaluate your current technology infrastructure.
  • Recommend and implement enhancements to attain business objectives.
  • Closely manage all aspects of technology upgrades, development and outsourcing.
  • Review security and disaster recovery procedures to protect the value of your systems.

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Management Communications and Organizational Development

  • Review roles, reporting structure, and management through interviews and analysis.
  • Instill effective practices to clarify roles, coordinate efforts, and review performance.
  • Design programs to develop and apply the skills your staff needs to succeed.
  • Increase collaboration and accountability to improve organizational effectiveness.

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Business Development and Market Strategy

  • Evaluate strategy based on competitive strengths, market position, and industry trends.
  • Outline market and product development tactics to achieve specific benchmarks.
  • Develop managerial, sales, and operational plans to support market strategy.
  • Recommend financial plan to achieve business goals within stated time horizon.

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Energy Solutions

Private Equity