Leadership Communications and Team Performance

As your company changes, you may outgrow an organizational structure which was established to meet different needs under different circumstances. Likewise, leadership styles which were appropriate in a less competitive or structured environment may need to be strengthened and revised. Organizational structures, management practices, and performance standards should evolve to reflect your goals, support growth, sustain morale and maximize profits.

At all times, but especially during a challenging economic environment, your staff and management require thoughtful attention. It is important to clearly define roles, coordinate efforts, and adequately review progress and performance. Training and development programs should be tailored and updated to provide employees with the skills and resources that they need to perform successfully. We analyze your organizational, managerial and compensation policies and recommend ways to motivate and enable your employees to achieve the results you require.

Some issues to consider:

  • Do staff and managers clearly understand their roles and responsibilities?
  • Are your managers gaining the most they can from their time and staff?
  • Do your employees have a vested interest in the success of your business?
  • Do separate functions cooperate and share information to maintain high standards and productivity?
  • Are employees trained to provide the best possible service to your organization and customers?

We can work along with your managers to:

  • Review your organizational structure and recommended changes to support both operational and strategic objectives.
  • Lead and facilitate departmental and cross-functional group sessions to stimulate employee contribution to improvement efforts.
  • Define roles and responsibilities and document job positions to eliminate duplication of effort and clarify performance criteria.
  • Coach managers and supervisors to balance multiple objectives, delegate as much as possible, motivate their staff, and manage their time efficiently.
  • Identify training and staffing needs based on management objectives and employee feedback.
  • Establish training and development plans to provide employees with the skills to increase the productivity and quality of their work.
  • Design and implement performance management and incentive program.

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