When it Comes to Professional Presence, Confidence = Power.


The more you see and present yourself as the winner you truly are, the more respect, pride, money, and influence you attain. The book contains real examples and is based on a program I’ve used successfully with my executive coaching clients across the country.

  • Use the 5 aspects of professional presence to your advantage because “What they see is what you get.”
  • Make an memorable impression through 5 empowering “Focus to Win” principles…and inspiration from a unique bird from the Galapagos Islands!
  • Ramp up your “working pitch” to feel more prepared and poised when introducing yourself in everyday business or networking events.
  • Feel proud and ready whenever you describe your professional strengths – even if you’re not yet sure what they are!
  • Dramatically improve your professional image on those occasions it really counts. Enjoy the results!
  • And so much more!

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