Stratex Workshops will quickly increases profits and productivity.


Topics & Real Time Takeaways

What do you need to take your team to the next level? How can you translate “employee engagement” into blowing past your performance benchmarks?

Whether you can answer now or don’t quite know right off the bat, that’s absolutely fine. Our first step is a conversation to define your current leadership goals and success criteria.

When you work out with a personal trainer or join a group exercise class, you are led by an expert but are actively involved to gain strength and energy. Likewise, Stratex workshops are run as interactive learning sessions. Beginning right there and then participants generate practical insights leading to immediate achievements. They will:

  • Communicate and collaborate with greater impact.
  • Build capabilities and motivate themselves to acquire new ones.
  • Set and attain measurable quarterly profit and performance goals.

After the workshop, we will review the outcomes to extend the benefits over the long term. In some cases we complement workshops with private coaching so participants can make rapid progress on their current initiatives. In all cases, participants receive written materials and tools so they continue to reinforce and apply what they learned.

To achieve outstanding individual and team performance results, please contact us to discuss how we can customize a workshop for your priorities and audience.

Pitch Your Strong Points

So much of business comes down to the ability to convince other people to do something while inspiring their enthusiasm and eagerness to be on board. At the end of the day, we are selling ideas, a plan, service, or ourselves. The more persuasive professionals are, the better they are able to engage their colleagues or clients, and the faster they can achieve your strategic goals.

Your employees are the face of your company. The better they represent themselves, the more they enhance the reputation of your company. Whether internally, to the market, or through social media, their image creates perceptions with the world at large. When it comes to presenting oneself as successful and centered, clarity and confidence beat trying to improvise – every time!

  • Hone awareness of competencies and ability to express them smoothly in both informal and formal encounters – whether meetings, conferences, trade shows, or college reunions.
  • Present powerfully on phone calls and social media to strengthen your professional impact.
  • Establish an authentic executive presence, by highlighting contributions while conveying and inspiring respect for the organization.

Build Your Leadership Assets

Some people are born to lead. All people are born to learn. So everyone can learn to lead more effectively. Building leadership capabilities generates more than revenue, it can change lives. Beyond directing and performing business functions, leaders guide individuals and groups where they need to go.

To maximize success up and down the organization, it makes sense to build leadership assets at every level – not only at the top. People may be leaders of a practice or team within your company, or with their clients and peers.

  • Leverage ten principles to bring out the best in your leadership qualities – balancing your natural inner qualities with emulating role models.
  • Identify the best balance of empowerment and strength to build mutual competence and confidence with your team.
  • Define your leadership goals and initiate a game plan to achieve them.

Face To Face Impact

Get the Most from Your Meetings

Over and over, our business experience is about meeting with people to determine whether our goals, talents and personalities will lead to mutual success. Senior executives can’t and should not attend every important meeting, so they want to know that their representatives are going to make the time count. This workshop distills three time-efficient ways to consistently achieve meeting goals.

  • Give and gain the highest value during in-person or phone meetings through proactive planning, collecting pertinent information and leaving attendees with the sense that their time was spent profitably.
  • Begin making a strong impression way before walking through the door or picking up the phone. Harness the power of observation to advance an agenda.
  • Become more persuasive and compelling while actually enjoying the process.

Promote Your Boss, Promote Yourself

Are you offering your best players the support and means to move ahead? Leaders sometimes say they want outstanding performance without explaining to their team how to make it happen. This workshop presents the “how” of aligning values and targets through more useful communication and mutual respect.

  • Collaborate with your boss to create new opportunities and advance together – with both financial and non-monetary rewards.
  • Reinforce awareness of business and organizational contributions through three quick and straightforward communications practices.
  • Direct your efforts in sync with the highest and best use of your time. Checkpoint against evolving strategic directives.

Take Your Eyes Off The Bottom Line

M&A Business Due Diligence and Integration

Throughout a merger or acquisition financial and emotional pressure is intense. All parties understand that the initial transition often determines ongoing profitability. While the main focus is on “the numbers”, overlooked management and operations factors make or break M&A deal success. This workshop provides practices and perspectives for CPA’s, attorneys, business development executives and their teams.

  • Complement financial and legal analysis with risk-and-rewards insights on management, technology, sales, customer relations, and strategic partnerships.
  • Engage key personnel to ensure continuity of sales and revenue generation and respond to unforeseen challenges quickly and across functions.
  • Accelerate profitable outcomes with dedicated attention to ten business and organizational imperatives.

Hitting The Right Notes

Successful Cross-Cultural Communication for International Business

Viewing the business world from your own perspective is not enough to succeed in global collaboration or transactions. When embarking on a journey, it’s best to know the territory and learn the language – from formalities to personalities, from verbal language to body language. Approaching transnational relationships with sensitivity and awareness creates the basis for outstanding respect and advancement.

  • Think in 3D: how you see yourself; how you see others; and how others see you.
  • Play to your strengths, while remembering to stay in tune and in harmony.
  • Engage a “guide” to ensure you remain on the right path while absorbing the culture, riches and risks of your environment.

Admin Admired

Professional Development for Executive Assistants

Over decades of working with stellar leaders, I’ve noticed one consistent secret: an outstanding assistant outside the corner office. While the executives’ styles and specialties vary, they invariably have found organized, reliable counterparts who put them ahead of the game. This workshop addresses the professional growth of those vital, indispensable resources. They know exactly how to take care of others – here is an opportunity for them to increase their own pride and contributions.

  • Recognize the value you bring to your boss, clients, and the organization.
  • Partner with your boss to take on greater responsibility, enhance your status and set goals for professional growth.
  • Nurture and expand your professional network.